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We love to help our couples find their vision.

You're a non-conformist ! You have a unique, beautiful style and you want your wedding to capture that spirit. We can help find what is new, bold and oh, so you !

You're traditional and have been planning your perfect wedding since you were young. You have the bridal magazine collection to back up those dreams.  We love to make long time dreams come true.

Whichever couple you are, we are here to help. We understand each couple is unique in their desire for their wedding and our personal goal is to help you realize Your Dreams and Vision ! We will work with you and your budget to make that happen.....

So, the big much does all his stuff cost ? And can we afford it ?

The answer is ....Yes,you can ! We don't have " packages " and have not adopted the " one size fits all" idea. We work with you to provide the floral designs that best fit you and your wedding.

We can,however give you some pricing ideas....remember, these are just overall ideas ! Pricing varies greatly with the flowers, greenery and accessories selected. And also, the seasons play a big part in availability and pricing. 

Bridal Bouquets ~ Prices start at $95.00

Bridesmaids Bouquets ~ Prices start at $45.00

Corsages ~ Prices start at $20.00

Boutonnieres ~ Prices start at $10.00

Short Centerpieces ~ Prices start at $55.00

Tall Centerpieces ~ Prices start at $125.00

Arch or Gazebo Decor ~ Prices start at $175.00

Aisle Decor ~ Prices start @ $25.00 per piece

There are so many more ideas we would love to share with you, so please contact us! We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and talk all things wedding floral. 

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